In İZFAŞ-fuarizmir open and closed areas, Covid-19 precautions which are stated by the related public institution and establishments are enforced. 

An action plan has been created based on the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Scientific Committee’s COVID-19 epidemic management and labor guide to determine the precautions which will be taken in all of the departments in the facility. The staff responsible for carrying out and inspecting the plan has been chosen. Lists of staff who are in charge have been hung on the ground entrance points and being updated. During all visitations and meetings, instructions must be followed.

1. In the fairground, it is mandatory to obey written and vocal warnings, social distance rules, and fairground instructions.

2. In the entrance, contactless temperature taking and HES code checking will be conducted.

3. You will not be able to enter the fairground with a body temperature of 37.5 Degrees Celcius and above and you will be directed to a medical institution.

4. It is mandatory to enter the fairground with a mask on and keep the mask on during your time inside the fairground. You are required to throw away your moist and dirty masks into the mask disposal bins and disinfect your hands. 

5. In fairground entrances and inside the fairground, you need to pay attention to your hand hygiene and disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer regularly.

6. The fairground is planned as one person per 10m2, it is mandatory to obey the social distance rules and instruction signs. 

7. While inside the fairground, in case of fever, couching, shortness of breath, etc.; informing COVID-19 personnel in charge and your transfer will be conducted after your time in an isolation room.